Our Businesses


A highly innovative software developer, systems integrator and technology provider, established to provide useful, efficient and inclusion-oriented products and solutions that will allow all stakeholders to profit from a common platform designed to promote individual and corporate continuous growth.

We are a tech company for social good.

Founded in Addis Ababa in 2018, our head office, we command and serve all our subsidiary companies and our clients in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, Nigeria and soon across Africa, UAE and Europe.

We are now designing and implementing our ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning System), launching our fully owned and improved ride hailing application Taxiye, our homebanking app ELSABI and our travel, hotel and car rental all in one booking app, TNT.

Over the next 10 to 12 months, we will be ready to take over the Ethiopian market with a set of full circle solutions that will revolutionize inclusive technology as we know it today. Not only will we bring all our companies together in a self-sustainable business eco-system, we will also bring our pears and the public together in a world of integrated solutions and opportunities for all.

We are bringing:

  • EL PAY – One stop payment solution for Africa
  • Cloud POS – Simplifying business for Africans
  • El Delivery – E-Commerce Platform
  • Last Mile Delivery – Connecting each African’s household
  • Digital Agri – renovating the farmlands of Africa
  • Renewable Energy – Sun for Africa
  • Insure / Telematics – Safety on the Roads of Africa
  • BPO – Building Center of Professional Excellency for Africa
  • Map System – Africa’s addressing system
  • Crowd Funding – Helping start ups and entrepreneurs in Africa
  • Micro Insurance – Insuring lives

ELAUTO Engineering and Trading PLC

As a company with engineering, trading and automotive business at its core, through El Auto we assemble high mileage, fuel efficient and fit for the African Terrain public use vehicles.

We started our most emblematic project by committing to renovate all the taxi fleet in the country. A much needed and long due initiative that soon captured the interest and availed support from government offices and taxi associations.

Our services

  • Automobile assembly
  • Real estate development
  • Construction material supply
  • Export
  • Tour and travel
  • Microfinance, saving and credit
  • Cargo and logistics
  • University College

Elnet Group is a values-driven, Technology enabled company that invests in Technology, Financial Inclusion, Affordable Mobility, Real Estate and Affordable Housing, Travel and Tourism, Green Tourism, Logistics and Management Services, Social Economy, and Sustainable Business.

Our company identifies issues of social relevance and solves them by building a solutions ecosystem.

  • Elnet Technologies Plc
  • Eltaxi Trading Plc (Taxiye)
  • Elauto Engineering And Trading Plc
  • Elsabi Microfinance
  • Elsabi Lease
  • Elnet Tour And Travel
  • Elnet Foundation
  • Delta Advertising & Promotion Plc
  • Taxiye Saving & Credit Coop With Lim Liab
  • Eldeliver
  • Elgojo Property Listing
  • Elnet Distribution
  • Elnet Mining Corporation

El-Taxi Trading has entered the taxi-hailing app business market on May 2019. The company has developed an on-demand ride-hailing mobile application under the brand name of “TAXIYE” to provide local taxi drivers with the platform to work in the modem environment and stay competitive in today’s market. Taxiye, is an on-demand ride-hailing application. As such we strive to make our company the leading house in the ride-hailing business and to be the number one choice for customers as a means of transportation.

Taxiye app and its features

Taxiye has a state of the art, user friendly and versatile app with an SOS button included for emergencies. We have a young, energetic and educated team with a 24/7 call center and a 24/7 online support team along with a Fast system side support and backend maintenance. Our drivers have been well trained in customer service, defensive driving, and first aid emergency response. The Taxiye app has multiple features and services with a range of prices.
  • On demand taxi service
  • Outstation
  • Rental
  • Delivery


Elsabi Lease looks to be a premier asset finance and leasing company with main and initial target markets being Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.



We are now on discussions for a Joint Venture between Elnet Group and RentCo Africa, East Africa’s largest and award-winning leasing company, to initiate logistics operations both by land and sea.


An innovative, premium, secure payment and national remittance service in East Africa with NextGen Cloud banking capabilities that provide access to socially responsible financial services that will enable individuals and communities to invest in their future.


With ELSABI we will bring the unbanked to the banking system, we will offer a choice for those who have low incomes, and we will help build a better and equal society.

TNT ELNET TOUR AND TRAVEL                                     

A full-service travel agency dedicated to providing totally reliable, practical, and unique travel and accommodation solutions at a very competitive rate.

A full service tour and travel agency dedicated to providing reliable and unforgettable travel experiences with accommodation solutions at a very competitive rate.

We are your IATA member travel partners, with experience in local and international
travel services including airline reservations and ticketing. We offer special and customized tours, hotel accommodations and car rental.

Experience a holistic travel where body, mind and soul rest in the rich offering of nature
and culture.

Our services

  • City Tours
  • Hiking
  • Beaches
  • Cruises
  • Historical Tours
  • Museum Tours


Delta Advertising and Promotions is a multimedia company founded by professionals with a wealth of experience in the field of film and photography. It is also a group of experts who have made various TV and radio commercials, music videos and filmed at the 68th Khan Film Festival, one of the world’s leading cinemas.


Delta is the founder of the “Best Photographer of the Year” award at the 2010 Photography Festival, which produced a variety of documentary films and photographic documentaries for various local and international charities.

Our services

  • TV and Radio Ads
  • Documentary Movies
  • Commercial Photography
  • Billboard Ads
  • Transit Ads


At Elnet Foundation we believe in transforming poverty into hope, obstacles into opportunities and oppression in triumph. It is our mission to break the cycle of marginalization and poverty and, through business, make this a better world for all, one activity at a time. Our vision is to see every person to live life to the fullest;

Our moto

Life in Fullness For All

Our focus areas

  • People – Safety and dignity
  • Animals – Care and protection
  • Environment – Restoring and protecting

Extending God’s love and care to a suffering and broken world in order for the creation to become healed and living up to its full potential, by:

  Enabling people to live life in safety and dignity, with focus on most vulnerable  and neglected groups

Restoring and protecting vulnerable and degraded environments where humans dwell

 Caring for animals as good stewards of the created

Support initial emergency response in areas where Elnet Technologies companies are present

 Support, guide and audit the Elnet Group of companies on their performance to live up to their ethical commitments on key areas (Environmental, Social and Governance)



This is our proprietary e-commerce/delivery company which connects big box supermarkets, wholesale/retail warehouses, hardware stores, manufacturers, and restaurants with the retail client. Eldeliver also connects restaurants and home cooked meal to consumers who order on our proprietary application.

Eldeliver also connects restaurants and home cooked meal to consumers who order on our proprietary application. Our primary goal is to enable commerce B2B, B2C and C2B with a complete logistics.

Our primary goal is to enable ecommerce in

  • B2B
  • B2C
  • C2B


Elgojo is a platform where property buyers and sellers can easily connect. Our mission is to make the process of buying, selling or owning a property as easy as possible. Our company also has sister companies that are engaged in developing real estate in Ethiopia and other African countries. Property management is also the area where we want to make it easy for owners to not only build but also manage their real estate.

Value Proposition (why a customer use our services)

  • Connecting property buyers with sellers
  • Provide consultancy service- Help property buyers and sellers in making informed decision via consultancy and legal advisors
  • Reviews and ratings given by other users will help buyers in making decisions
  • Convenient way of finding property; easy and time saving
  • Economic way of searching properties
  • Compare property prices


This association was established with the intention to support the local community with financial aid for them to be able to develop their saving skills and help them afford things that can help them to do business and better their lives.

It is currently supporting more than 700 taxi buyers who couldn’t afford to pay the 30% down payment needed to replace their old vehicles with brand new ones.

Our services

  • Loans for saving the down payment to buy Taxiye cars
  • Working capital loans for businesses
  • Startup capital loan for small businesses
  • Small personal loans


Elnet Distribution has the objective of integrating and connecting all regions of Ethiopia with the best supply chain design in place, we use technologies and development to modernize this supply methods. By studying the gap in supply and demand we aim to improve Ethiopian distribution channel.

With Five regions we aim to address and connect on all 27 major cities of Ethiopia and expand our chain outside the country as well. To bring manufacturer and consumer closer and eliminate unnecessary trade chains that add up on final consumer cost, and to make the traditional way of supply chain advanced and technological. The target of the distribution is to bring their product or service to the market and make it available for consumers by creating a distribution path or channel. And making vice versal trade interaction between the farmers and the manufacturing companies.

Some of the items we distribute include

  • Beverages- water, soft drink, energy drinks,…
  • Packed Food
  • Sanitary products

Elnet Mining Corporation

Elnet Group entered recently into mineral exploration and mining works in addition to the other businesses. The general objective of the company is not to hold the whole cycle of mineral exploration, mining, processing and trading of the resources in the near future. We prefer to acquire the licenses necessary to do the works and invite potential exploration, mining or processing companies to do the operation on the ground partially or fully as required.

Thus, the role of the mining team is to do the exploration, mining and/or processing works. The Team shall also evaluate the technical and financial proposals submitted by the interested mineral exploration, mining or processing companies.

Currently we are engaged in the following mineral exploration, mining and processing works.

  • Placer gold mining
  • Dimension Stones- Marble, granite and Limestone
  • Coal mining
  • Gold Refining:
  • Natural Gas Liqufication and Distribution Project

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